Healthy Travel Guide

Vacations are usually a highly anticipated break from the drama of life. Sounds good right? But sometimes things don’t always go as planned and drama yet again, creeps in on your good ole’ time.

In particular “Traveler’s Diarrhea” is a very common culprit known to plague travelers especially when in certain parts of the world. This is usually caused by the ingestion of unsanitary food, water or both. Although this can resolves on its own over the course of a few days, it has the potential to really  make you sick for an extended amount of time. There are ways to prepare you and your loved ones for such an issue during travel. Don’t get caught slipping and allow your vacay to be ruined.

For a more indepth look at traveler’s diarrhea and many other potential infectious pathogens, visit the the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where you can search your travel destination for customized travel safety tips.


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